Ysgard boat to the Tree broken

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Ysgard boat to the Tree broken

Post by badjabadjabadja » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:18 pm

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Summary: Route back to Sigil broken due to faction bug

I was in the Dwemer Caves, and something set me hostile to the (animal? commoner?) faction (likely either one of the key golems, or a spider servant construct?). I was set upon by the following, and while I tried not to engage, there were some casualties:

Heidi's Auntie (deceased)

Peroim Jangelleas (Reenkep)

Orzaar (he tried to self immolate with fireballs, dominated to save him)
Zhennu Obok M'elzar (deceased)
Obok Faern (deceased)

First Mate Hence (deceased)

Gretta (deceased - eaten by Yeti)

Various Commoners

With the unfortunate demise of Hence I am now unable to travel to the Tree.

I tried searching for some of the old ways out of Ysgard, but they closed.

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Re: Ysgard boat to the Tree broken

Post by _JM_ » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:40 pm

Killing the Key Guardians is expected. Looking in the toolset the Spider Servants are "Merchant" faction, so if you killed them (the non-hostile ones that wander around the tables) then that might have annoyed the "Commoner" faction (which Hence belongs to) as well. I've hopped on as a DM and reset the module to resurrect the victims. If you give me a time you are available then I'll see about repairing reputation and alignment.

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