Weapon vanished because of disarming in lycans

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Weapon vanished because of disarming in lycans

Post by DarkWaterMelon » Fri May 01, 2009 11:22 pm

Playername: Atamoni Winther
Login name: DarkWaterMelon
Location of bug: Lycans on Ysgard
Type of bug: When disarming, the weapon disapper

Gus, Wal and Moni just went to the lycans. A bit further ahead, we found some werewolfs who could disarm. One of them disarm Monis Valshran greatsword, and when all died, my greatsword was gone. I could see from the "window" that it said i had lost it, and i did also notice when it disarmed me, but i couldnt get it as it was not on the ground. Then i remember from another time, i had been trying to be disarmed, that it was laying in the loot bag from the one who were disarming, but....
It was neither in a loot bag or in my inventory - for that matter in my bags, so somehow it must have vanished.

Earlier i put it on the ground to show it the high priest of Hel (event thing) but i did save character right after i picked it up. Could it be it?

Its okay I dont get the greatsword back, as its replaceble, but I just wanted to report it, before someone will experience the loss of a real "nice" item, that cant be replaced like mine. I do belive this must be a bug though.


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