got stuck and trin said to report it

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got stuck and trin said to report it

Post by orvarg » Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:56 pm

place : the map with the ogres and giants on the way to bastion
npc involved : none
time : yesterday at 7 pm est
char. : gustind briin
type: wrong login X-Y co-ordinates at login after save location

i saved at the upper left corner of the map and when i logged in i was down in a pit with no way out at the lower right corner diagonlly opposed from my save location.

( kind of but not the same as the bug at the inn in tel . if you save on the first floor then log out - on login you end up on the floor above or below your save position leaving you locked in that room with no key to get out. the room stays the same as to location since both floor are mirror images of each other you just end up in the room above or below your save location. )
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