Wolf hide quest

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Wolf hide quest

Post by sinn » Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:34 pm

To, the fabulous Hala Team

there is a cute little (well not little) GIANT fire giant in hot chainmail short shorts in Uth Niord , when you present her with the note from the Captain (in the wharehouse) who is requesting hides, she asks for wolf pelts, when you hand them over to she, AND I QUOTE "* Gets busy behind the counter *" :)

then you are given a Cured Medium Leather Hide, for EACH wolf pelt you give her, and told to bring it to the Captain

so you march your little ass over to Captain Vugdishnak Gergendol (how the hell to you say that?) and try to give him the hides he requested made by Brinn (the hottie Giant). Sadly he asks for 'wolf hides' not the 'Cured Medium Leather Hides' Brinn made for him.. so he will not take the hides :( I assume Brinn is giving you the wrong item.

anywas I figure this is a bug, UNLESS actually Brinn is making the wrong item on purpose, because of some lovers spat she is having with the good Captain Vugdishnak Gergendol, if so then please ignore this post

love always,

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