Fallen Celestials near Mockery of Tholoth

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Fallen Celestials near Mockery of Tholoth

Post by _JM_ » Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:13 am

Type of Bug/Exploit AI Problem
Area of Bug Exploit (be as specific as possible) Area of the Mockery where the Mockery of Tholoth is.
NPCs involved (Be as specific as possible) The Fallen Celestials in that area.
Chests involved None.
Timestamp on when it happened ca 03:00 GMT 20 October

Alexis wanted to test out his power to make Undead go pop so we went to the Mockery of New Havens. There we found that the fallen Celestials were not attacking. I do remember that when that area was first created there was a similar problem but that was that only the Celestials close to the one you were fighting were attacking you (so you were fighting them group by group), and I think that got fixed.

This time however even the Celestial standing within arms length of the one you were hitting was ignoring this and you. Rather than continue to fight them one by one we simply killed the mockery of Tholoth and teleported out.

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