Gemcutting Malachite gives FEHU Rune

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Gemcutting Malachite gives FEHU Rune

Post by _JM_ » Tue Dec 08, 2009 1:29 am

Type of Bug/Exploit : Crafting Bug
Area of Bug Exploit (be as specific as possible) : Tried in Heidabyr Mines (upper area). Tried at Great Divide.
NPCs involved (Be as specific as possible) : None
Chests involved : None
Timestamp on when it happened : 01:05 GMT
Frequency of occurence. : Each time tried

I was sufficiently bored to want to check if I remembered right where the Gemcutter tutor / chisel seller was and if what someone had said IC to Jay was correct. (i.e. That cut gems could not be sold to merchants and were therefore only useful in crafting)

Having got the chisel and the first 5 points of that crafting XP Jay wandered to mine Malachite at Heidabyr. When he tried using the chisel though and selected the option "Cut Malachite" although it said "You have selected Cut Malachite. Is this what you wish to make?" it then said "You have failed to make FEHU. Do you wish to attempt again?" though I didn't actually notice this until Jay succeeded and I thought 'Acquired item: FEHU? What the F...ehu is a FEHU?'

Tried a few more times and Jay was losing a Malachite each time and gaining some Gemcutting XP.

Took him back to Hala in case was okay on that server. Same result.

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