Hala's Recommended Overrides

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Hala's Recommended Overrides

Post by Arkon » Sat Aug 13, 2005 11:23 pm

These haks have to be placed in your override and are not neccesary to play. They will just enhance the game, and are here as a choice.

Custom Combat Animations:

http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/models/dat ... 5277.shtml

This HakPak will change your combat animations. There are some small problems when human females try to use fashion items though, they wield them as if they are wielding a two handed weapon in this HakPak. But everything else works perfect and the fighting animations look amazing.

Realistic Hands:

http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/models/dat ... 1000.shtml

Isn’t it kind off strange that your character is always ready to knock someone’s head off? This HakPak will give characters normal hands, and will give female characters realistic feet.

This override is no longer needed to see hands on your characters on Hala as it has been included in our HalamodV2_0 hak. You may, however, wish to get it if you would like to continue being able to see these while on other servers.

(With thanks to Scylya)

Bow Strings

http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/hakpacks/d ... 4000.shtml

This small HakPak will add bowstrings to bows.

(Also with thanks to Scylya)
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