Torchlight 2

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Torchlight 2

Post by nwmblondy » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:33 pm

Got Torchlight 2 recently. (For anyoen who hasnt played its about the ultimate opposite of CoPaP, all focus on hack and slash and next to no story line, 0 RP, its quite fun though :) )

Anyway whenever I play Multiplayer I'll be opening a room called SynergiesCoPaP with the password Avlis.

You will require the Synergies game conversion mod (found here which changes the game a fair bit to make it more challenging, it adds a lot of stuff and in all seems very worthwhile to have.

Also I am using CatDogs pet overhaul skill version, (here) which I may eventually drop, but for now myself and trigger have it so you'll need it to play in the hosted world. Its also possible Trigger will be hosting and will use the same info (usually a better idea as hsi internet is far more stable than mine)

That said, the Trade fair will be takign up most of my gamign time this weekend :D

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