Happy Holidays 2017

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Happy Holidays 2017

Post by Chastened Phoenix » Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:02 pm

(If there's already a thread for this, I didn't see it.
With thanks to Chris_Robin for demonstrating this is a thing here.)

Happy Holidays to everyone in this community!

Thanks to the Teams for your work on maintaining and improving these worlds.

Thanks to the people who have offered me advice, advocacy, and mentoring as I've sought to become part of this community. (Rudiki, Jay, Amby, DL, Akai, Blue_Wolfy... ) Also, again: welcome back and congrats to Amby! :D

Thanks to the DMs and other players who've provided many hours of fun. Laughs and Tears, and Thoughtful moments. And especially to those who have given my characters a res after one of their many deaths!

And... Everyone: Thank you for tolerating my foibles!

I know it's a bit early for a New Year's resolution. But, mine is to continue improving as a citizen, person, and player.

So again, Happy Holidays, and to a better New Year for us all, IG, and OOC!

~ Chad Picard, in (inconsistently) chilly NH
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Re: Happy Holidays 2017

Post by Rudiki » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:30 pm

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season, and happiness in the coming year, from Rudiki and Akai and all the critters!

(except for the sheep, who say: "Baaaa-humbug!" :D )
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