What is up Hala?

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Lord Droke
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What is up Hala?

Post by Lord Droke » Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:01 pm


So I have not logged in for ages. I tried logging in awhile back, and the client told me I was banned. I don't know what for. I leave for a decade and come back banned. LOL. I think it's a mistake. I didn't even think the server was up and running anymore and the boards were no longer in use. I did see some recent posts though, so I thought I would say hi.

I was playing NWN2 for a while on theforgottenrealm (which had so-so RP) and the Dalelands Beyond, which had awesome RP with full Drow communities. I was in heaven for a time, until the player bases started decline and the gaming became decadent. NWN2 also had a lot of limitations that NWN 1 does not seem to have.

With the release of NWN EE I have started playing NWN1 again on Arelith. Great RP, great setting, with hundreds of players. I do miss Hala though. So if anyone still logs in and checks these boards, please respond. I would like to know how things have been, who still plays, etc.

If I could get the ban lifted I would log in an play with you all for a bit. Unless I am legitimately banned for some reason, and if I am could I know why?

Anyway I did see some recent activity on the boards here, so hopefully someone sees me :D
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Re: What is up Hala?

Post by ambrosia » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:25 pm


I can't answer anything about banning, but I can tell you the boards are fairly inactive these days, though the world is up and around and being maintained. Most of us hang out on Discord: https://discord.gg/mxcYK4V and you will be able to request help more quickly there. If it's not an actual 'ban' that needs to be fixed, you may just need to walk through the updated registration steps: http://wiki.ysgard.org/index.php?title= ... ed_In_Hala

One thing I will be point out, however, is that CoPaP has not yet moved to EE, so that version of NWN will not work to play on Ysgard/Hala (yet)

Hope that helps and welcome back!

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