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IG Quotes.

Post by Idonia » Fri Aug 05, 2005 7:30 am

Okay, first off, if this is in the wrong place, moderators you may move it. If you find it's not quite good for the boards, then delete it...

And anyway, I'm quite surprised this thread wasn't made yet, and if it was, please forgive me for my mistake.

IG Quotes. Funny, clever, interesting sayings or discussions you've had while IG on the Hala server. Sure, they can be in tells, but I'd imagine most would be IC, yes?

So I'll start off with my own.. though it's probably funnier if you can see the characters as they say it.

Lily : I daresay that grey dress brought out the blue in your eyes...

Unebrion Kalchas : Really? Thank you

And here's another :

Unebrion Kalchas : But what if I really am more attractive when I'm crossdressing?
Unebrion kalchas: I've been working on my snicker...
Lily: Just, no emitting sounds of glee for a while.
Unebrion Kalchas: Can I smirk?
Lily: ....for five gold.
Unebrion Kalchas: Hm, no... I'm too thrifty.
Lily: Okay make it two gold then.
Unebrion Kalchas: Two gold... alright.
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Post by Void Hamlet » Fri Aug 05, 2005 9:08 am

Most of these have been posted in Screenshots, but I'd love to include them here. 8)
These range throughout Hala history, and some are of key importance to Understanding Hala.


The early Hala spirit:

Uriel Teglain: I wanna go to Avlis and cause problems
Tholoth Shadowborn: Mikona?
Uriel Teglain: Sure! Or Elf Gate. Either one.
Tholoth Shadowborn: I don't think I can go ...

The unsuspecting young Avlisians:

Tristran Greenlin: *Smiles* I just try to imagine the sounds of the children laughing in Dra'Nar's temple and the orphanage when I try to relax.

Tholoth Shadowborn singing: "Beast man, beast man, What do you know, About taking off your clothes, You're just a beast from down below"
(Tribbute to "Wise Man", Uriah Heep)

Lassarra Dal'Me'Ton to Enrique the Furious: Go away fur ball!!! *Frowns at the cat* Damn piss monger *Grumbles*

Goblin Chief: Hulogh! I be very drunk today!
Hulogh: Wot, Boss? You did great spells boom boom again?
Malinko Fallon: He does have great spells
Goblin Chief: I got hangover also.
Malinko Fallon: Where's the ale
Goblin Chief: In big human city. Last tme Giants bustered in Farm, some cows got pregnant and they stole all the ale also.
Malinko Fallon: They got the cows pregnant, how drunk are we
Goblin Chief: Did I say THEY got the cows pregnant?!
Malinko Fallon: No, you said the giants got the cows pregnant
Goblin Chief: You be VERY sick. And so be I.
Malinko Fallon: Trouble is as trouble does as I always am in trouble
Goblin Chief: *Cackles*

Grimm Imagolas: Speak now, demon *Raises voice* before I cut your tongue out and drag it along the ground untill it makes sounds that please me

Celestial Army members Merom Runt (kobold) and Linthar-Rosin Vlos'Anon (drow, 24 Cha) captured by the Valsharess:

Drow Warrior: My, you are a pretty one
Linthar-Rosin Vlos'Anon: Merom, I think he is speaking to you.

Celestials against Demons in Tel:

Andrigis Aseph: So you're a warrior?
Tholoth Shadowborn: *Pokes Andrigis in the ass with sword tip* You know what they say about dumb questions, right
Tholoth Shadowborn: Get a duuuuumb answer.


The lich Ulfzaz: These fools have grown weak. They shall be taught to respect true power once more. Not the delusions of Tanar'ri and the Celestials.


Pahle Ryder: [Party] Wow ... mellee supreme so far ...

Mr. Stick: [DM] The view as you come through the door is enough to make any paladin need a clear pair of undies.

DM Void Hamlet: [DM] * Hugs *
Mr. Stick: [DM] I'd return the gesture, but I'm a stick

NWDuneAuron's induction to Hala:

Balor Warlord: [DM] These guys are in for a pwning
Balor Warlord: [DM] In related news, hello Void :)
Candy Apprentice: [DM] Hmm. I got Candy work to do here. o_O
Balor Warlord: [DM] No, no. Eeeeevil!
Balor Warlord: [DM] Mmm, so much murder.
Candy Apprentice: [Shout] Trumpet Archon Confidential Weather Service Leak: Heavy Candy Rains Expected in Mirtho Rest Soon. * Bzzzt * What Balor?! * Bzzzt * I cannot hear a * Bzzzt * thing, you * Bzzzt *
Candy Apprentice: [Shout] What in the Seven Mounting Heavens of * Bzzzt * do you think that you are doing with that * Bzzzt * says "Do not push!" ... * Bzzzt * ... damn it, Odin, this did not work as I hoped ...
Balor Warlord: [DM] Damnit Void, I'm griefing mortals!

Where the odd Module Reload messages originate from (Coloures/Aiquandol behind Alice):

Alice: [Shout] Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was happy and joyful, having just been spawned by a DM. Then as he was running along picking flowers and being joyous one day, BAM the server got reset. The little boy was consigned to oblivion.
Alice: [Shout] Server reload in like ... 5-10 minutes

Alice: [Shout] There was once a pack of fluffy bunies.
Tel'shadar: [Talk] *Looks glazed over and distant*
Alice: [Shout] Then the great shoe of mod reloading came down upon them and squished their insides into a bloody pulp.
Tel'shadar: [Talk] I remember a tower ... darkness ...
Alice: [Shout] Mod reload in 3 minutes

Methinks it was Timb ...

[Server] I<3 George Clooney
[Server] Uriel, put your pants back on.
[Server] You are now in a Full PVP Area.
[Server] Would you like to pet my poopy?

[size=84]If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and you have to make fortitude saves, you know it's a druid. -Cap'n Charlie[/size]

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Post by Grimm » Fri Aug 05, 2005 3:55 pm

Timb Server message:

"You touch my Tra-la-la"
"Oh my ding-ding-dong"

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Post by Idonia » Sun Aug 07, 2005 8:45 am

Lily : I'm sure a hooker would pay good money for it.

Lily : And it'll go to a good home...

Sceluscio Potementia : Now we just have to find one.

Lily : Yes!

Lily : You know some, right Sceluscio?

Sceluscio Potementia : Just the ones in Mikona.

Sceluscio Potementia : And this one lady....

Lily : One lady?

Sceluscio Potementia : Who wasn't a hooker... but moved rather quickly.

Lily : What does that have to do with her being a hooker?

Sceluscio Potementia : Erm...nothing.

Lily : .....

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Post by Idonia » Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:08 pm

*Lily's thread rises from the Abyss*

Lily: [Party] Ladies and Gentlemen, Virsa Laros has won the award for Smallest Amount of HP in a Party! Give 'er a round of applause!

Dala Blake: [Party] *claps*

Virsa Laros: [Party] thankyou, thankyou *bows*

Dala Blake: [Party] one more time... one more time :)

Virsa Laros: [Party] it wasn't easy to get where I am today... but I'm proud of my 8HP!:)

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Post by Idonia » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:28 am

In a tell conversation.

Caius: Dude, you know when your teeth tingle like you have to pee super bad?

Lily: ....No. one of the feelings I've never experienced. Why, do you have to piss real bad?

Caius: No but when you DO piss after holding it forever its like your teeth are floating, thats how yummy UMD is. Maybe yummy is a bad word to use when talking about pee.

.. o_O

And Sceluscio was sad when his succubus, Shiara(?)/Simone died.


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Post by Idonia » Tue Sep 06, 2005 4:31 am

Wyland Dandafar: [Tell] Well ill be back in ten minutes then I'll come back to hunt you down and pummel Lily with a pool noodle

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Post by Idonia » Wed Sep 07, 2005 10:30 pm

Lily is a pixy and Risdyn has just appeared infront of her.

Lily: *Hops on and taps his shoulder with a tiny foot*

Lily: And whoooo is thiiis?

Risdyn Acarius: Who is who?

Lily: I asked you!

Risdyn Acarius: Who is you?

Lily: No, you. *Grins*

Risdyn Acarius: You is asking who is you?

Lily: No, who is you?

Risdyn Acarius: Ah! Silver is who.Hehe.

Risdyn Acarius: And you is who?

Lily: Who is who?

Risdyn Acarius: You is who?

Lily: Who is who?!

Risdyn Acarius: No. Who is you?

Lily: I'm not who.

Risdyn Acarius: You're not who?

Risdyn Acarius: Then who is who?

Lily: I don't know...

Risdyn Acarius: And you?

Lily: *falls off giggling*

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Post by Xanthalas » Thu Sep 08, 2005 8:34 am

May be somewhat different.. as my memory doesnt serve well...

((Entered Bastion))

Cruian: Where shall I meet you Sensei?
Kalchas: .......
Cruian: Sensei?
Cruian: SENSEI!
Xai: COffee?
Cruian.: *sighs* ((walks away))
Kalchas: *smacks Xai*
Cruian I'll just find you...
Xai: *Cold glare* Would you like me to slap you back Kalchas? *grins*
Xai: *hugs Kalchas*
Kalchas: .......
Xai: *picks up Kalchas*
Xai *tosses Kalchas up in the air and catches him*
Kalchas: Put me down!
Xai: Cruian! Wait!
Xai: Catch!
Kalchas: Put me down!
Xai: Right now? *tosses him up again barely catching him in the nick of time.*
Xai: *sets him down gently*
Kalchas: I really hate you sometimes.....
Xai: Coffee?
Kalchas: ... Fine....

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Post by Nightshade » Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:59 am

Micho meets Aidan and Cruian for the first time:

Micho: [Talk] *taps her chest* I'm a warrior as well. Although I prefer a spear to fists... far more tactical. It's just good soldiering.

Cruian Tarmikos: [Talk] *smiles* I can sneak my fist anywhere I like. *winks*

Cruian Tarmikos: [Talk] A little more difficult with a spear.

Micho: [Talk] There'll be NONE of that, sir.

Aiden: [Talk] *grins*

Cruian Tarmikos: [Talk] *raises an eyebrow* None of what?

Aiden: [Talk] Oi! 'is is gonna be good

Aiden: [Talk] *steps back to watch*

Aiden: [Talk] *folds arms across chest*

Micho: [Talk] You'll not be sneaking your fists anywhere near my person. That's understood?

Followed by the following messages in my server window:

Experience Points Gained: 69
Your character has gained enough experience to advance a level!

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Post by silverdragonams » Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:10 pm

[url=http://wiki.ysgard.org/index.php?title=Sarakin_Fyne]Sarakin Fyne[/url]


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Post by VIpAcT » Tue Sep 13, 2005 1:11 am

I stole these quotes from the trial of Shamus Addams in Hala. I was not there, but it is a kind reminder for all men ever in question to request the absence of the Amazons. . . :lol:

Lassarra Dal'Me'ton: GUilty!! for being a pig!!
Arc Kressen: Bah. Sham never hurt no one.
Lassarra Dal'Me'ton: but he is a pig!!
Brise Sianosef: so says the man
Dala Blake: he might be a pig, but is he quilty?
Arc Kressen: The midget did it.
Silverene Donkerkind: He's a man indeed ... and he has something agains Lesbians ... i say he's guilty
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Post by Idonia » Thu Sep 15, 2005 11:58 pm

upholsteryimp: I wish I had some vegetables.
Serenyddion: Vegetables are great. Especially in sandwich form.
upholsteryimp: Preferably something with magnesium...
upholsteryimp: Yes, yes they are.
Serenyddion: Magnesium??
upholsteryimp: Like tomatos, mmm.
upholsteryimp: I mean-
upholsteryimp: *Laughs*
Serenyddion: *laughs as well, pretending to get it*
upholsteryimp: Anyway, yes, magnesium..
upholsteryimp: >.>
upholsteryimp: <.<
Serenyddion: Yes, yes, of course - magnesium! Good stuff.. that is.. yes.
upholsteryimp: *Cackles insanely*
Serenyddion: *coughs* Why magnesium?
upholsteryimp: With a density of 1.738 g/cm cubed it's positively scrumptious.
Serenyddion: Not to mention the utterly delicious hexagonal crystal lattice structure a the molecular level. I wish all elements were that tasty!

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Post by NWDuneAuron » Fri Sep 16, 2005 10:12 pm

[Odin_Hammersong] Wyland Dandafar: [DM] lol damn you! TEASE! :P
[NWDuneAuron] Plaguewielder : [Tell] it's hawt
[Odin_Hammersong] Wyland Dandafar: [DM] :D *squirms in anticipation*
[Odin_Hammersong] Wyland Dandafar: [DM] tomorrow morning we do it :)
[NWDuneAuron] Plaguewielder : [DM] that sounded really bad
[NWDuneAuron] Plaguewielder : [Tell] Never say that again.

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Post by Final Shinryuu » Fri Sep 16, 2005 10:32 pm

Dune, you shameless flirt!
Wyland, you're lucky to catch a guy like Dune! :wink:

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