Real life: Amby vs "The Bat"

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Real life: Amby vs "The Bat"

Post by ambrosia » Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:27 pm

My room mate and my wonderful rodent-hunter-cats rescued me from a vicious bat who had evaded our house around 3 am (of COURSE it was at 3 am!)

I was -totally- the useless blond in the horror film whose job it is is to stand there in socks and a pink tank top, hold the flashlight, and fashionably scream.

But who wouldn't?!?! It was ferocious, 12 ft tall, fangs, red eyes, and wanted to claim my very -SOUL-, I tell you!


After hours of battle and the beast had, at last, been exorcised from the premises, the following conversation might have happened in our Kitchen:

Me: "My Hero!"
Roomy: "Would you like the towel in the wash?"
"Nope. It touched a bat. Throw it away."
"Why? It was only like 30 seconds."
"Because. It's my towel and my $3.50. Throw it away."
"Ok, Sure." *tosses towel.*
"Now, wash your hands. With Soap."
"But.. I'm your hero! Nobody asks Batman to use soap"
"Batman isn't actually a bat. If he was, people would have to wash their hands."


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Re: Real life: Amby vs "The Bat"

Post by Chastened Phoenix » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:59 pm

Ah, the wonder of cat vs bat!

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