Akai has IRC! :)

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Akai has IRC! :)

Post by Akai » Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:08 am

Since I installed Firefox, I found a plug-in (Chatzilla) that lets me run IRC while other programs are running on the computer as well! Consequently, I've been mostly having IRC running whenever my computer is on, whether or not I'm at my computer...

But I might be there and able to jump IG at any given time! So if your character wants to reach Soleis or Egil, please ping me on IRC! Soleis is almost always at the Temple of Sune, and Egil is almost always at the Tower of Iron Will (except lately while Sara-sue's been kidnapped, when he's been at Watchtower Hill), so IC you know where to find them if you want them!

(If I'm supposed to be at an event and I'm not there (*cough* draconic lessons *cough*), I've probably forgotten it, but at least one of my characters is smarter than I am and ought to remember, so double-please ping me!)

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