Rules for Forming A Guild

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Rules for Forming A Guild

Post by silverdragonams » Mon May 15, 2006 11:50 am

Hala Guilds
Player controlled guilds need to follow these rules if they would like to create a guild that has a DM sponsor. Guilds do not need DM sponsors to exist. You are more than welcome to create a guild on your own but DM sponsored guilds have access to special privileges.

1. A guild must at the very least have alignment restrictions and possibly class and other restrictions as well.

Without restrictions a guild is little more than a social club that everyone joins just for the free items. There should always be some tension RP'ed between alignments, and although in rare cases a guild open to all alignments might work out, there will most often be too much fighting within the guild for anything productive to be accomplished.

2. A guild must have a clear purpose or goal.

Once again, without a purpose it is a social club. From experience we know that guilds that don't have something to do die quickly.

3. Guilds should have leaders that are in good standing and trusted by the team. If a group REALLY wants a guild but cant find a leader, they can choose to be lead by an NPC if a DM is willing to sponsor them.

By "in good standing" we mean you must be known to be generally honest and rule abiding.

4. A guild must have a serious group of interested players. Since Hala is a small server, 5 or more players to start with should be sufficient.

If you want a DM sponsored guild, meet with you prospective members. Outline your purpose and the guilds rules (restrictions). Make a list of members and choose a guild leader(s). If you are requiring dues or fees, decide on how much and how often. Send all of this information to the Hala Team forum account.

If your guild is approved and a DM chooses to sponsor it, you have the right to:

1. a DM (surprise!) who will answer ooc questions and possibly run guild events.

2. Guild items.

3. A private discussion forum.

4. Build a Guild house. Guild houses must be payed for, but guilds are allowed some things that are not available in regular player housing.

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