On Passwords.

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On Passwords.

Post by LadyPhoenix77 » Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:54 pm

In case it has not been made clear enough prior.
Orleron wrote:Password protection is one of the main methods we have for keeping out people who we do not want playing in our community. By giving out passwords to others, you undermine that safeguard. That is unacceptable.

Everyone who wants the passwords to Avlis must go through the application process BEFORE they start playing.

Anyone caught with the passwords before they apply will be insta-banned. The person who gave them the passwords will also be summarily banned.

This sounds harsh but it is needed as we grow, because we wish to keep the RP focus of our server and in general, those who do not play password servers are not RP-oriented.

swoods241078 wrote:*bump*


Do not ever give out the server passwords to anyone regardless of whether you know them or not. Be that in game, real life or whatever. If a player has for whatever reason lost the passwords to any CoPaP server, please refer them to either: staff@avlis.org or tell them to reapply via the player application, which will take 24-48 hours maximum.

Giving out passwords to the Avlis/ CoPap servers is a bannable offence

Nighthawk4 wrote:I do my best to deal with the Applications as quickly as possible - usually checking them several times a day. So there is no need to get them from someone else - get your own.

Failure to respect this - and giving the passwords to someone who should have applied for themselves - will get you both Banned - permanently.

Please do not do this. :wink:
This applies to each and every CoPaP world.

If you have lost the passwords you need to reapply and get the new ones sent to you.

www.copap.org for applications is where you should direct anyone interested in playing.

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