Small containers

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Small containers

Post by Arkon » Sat May 26, 2007 1:05 am

What can be carried in what kind of bag?

Small Bag: Small items. 1x1 and perhaps some 2x1 items

Key Rings: Keys/Lockpicks

Gem Bag: Gems/Jewelry

Quiver: Ammunition (NO THROWING AXES)

Potion Container: Potions

Healing Container: Healing Kits and things of equal size within reason

2x2 Bag (brown bags, boxes, etc): Anything and

Clothing Bags: Clothing/Armor

Weapon Sheaths: Weapons.

Magic Bags of any size/shape: Anything and everything

Hope this clarifies this ruling sufficiently.

Expected Punishment: If caught with illegally bagged items, you will find your bag (unless it is magical) ripped and the contents spilled upon the ground near you.

Only Possible Exception: You are new to the server and haven't read this rule in which case you won't know about this exception so it's up to us whether or not we want it to apply :D

Repeat Offenders: Expect more harsh punishments
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