On Setting Hostile

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On Setting Hostile

Post by Arkon » Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:06 am

Setting Hostile on Hala is considered an IC action.

f you are hostile to someone, they know you are hostile to them, period. Perhaps it is your stance, your words, whatever. They KNOW you are being aggressive. Period.

If you set a group to hostile, and you autoattack, you CANNOT claim it is a flaw of the engine, you chose to set them to hostile and thus act aggressively. Anything that happens as a result of that is IC unless all parties involved agree to ignore it. Period.

You MUST set anyone you plan to attack to hostile prior to the attack if at all possible. ICly, someone is going to see you draw a weapon and charge them, they may still be caught off guard, but they are going to know you are attacking and therefore would know you are hostile. Period.

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Re: On Setting Hostile

Post by Rudiki » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:01 am

To clarify the above post, setting to hostile is NOT considered an IC action. However, when you OOCly set someone to hostile, the rules above apply. Period.

To clarify further, the line “If you are hostile to someone, they know you are hostile to them, period”, should read: “If you have someone set to hostile, they know you are hostile to them, period.”

Thank you.
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