On Deities

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On Deities

Post by Arkon » Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:53 pm

All Deities on Hala are Hala's Deities. Some of them come from the FR worlds, some of them come from Other Pantheons, but they are ALL Hala's. As such, we reserve the right to portray them as we see fit.

The Dogma, Ways, Whatever, of Hala's Deities are what we say they are, not what people THINK they should be. Links and information given are subjective in nature though in 99% of the cases we follow those guidelines so far as they support our World View.

A Hala Diety is NOT automatically known to anyone who has OOC information about these gods. Period. if you have no IC reason for knowing about a Halatian god (IE you are Avlissian, you Arkazian, you have not studied them ICly, or whatever) then YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. PERIOD!!!!

If you have questions about the gods, PM the team and we will explain them to you OOCly, and point you ICly to a place you can learn of them ICly.

NO ONE reserves the right to tell us what the gods should be like. You are able to make suggestions, but they are just that. In the end it is the TEAMS decision on the gods and the TEAMS decision is FINAL!

This does not portain to gods/goddess of other worlds, or gods/goddesses that are made up by the players. If the god does not exist within our pantheon, then as far as we are concerned, the god does not exist.

So if you show up claiming to worship Shaundakul, you are worshiping our interpretation of Shaundakul, as he is an acknowledged god on Hala.

From this time forward, all characters Starting on Hala who wish to be clerics MUST worship a known Hala Deity, or MUST put in a request to the Team regarding the God they want to worship and WHY they want to worship that god. Failure to do so will result in your spell casting ability being reduced. This does not apply to already created characters.

Hala's Pantheon's consist of all of the Following

The Norse Pantheon
The FR Drow Pantheon - May not be the same as the Originals, at teams Discretion.
Hala Specific/Created Gods

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Re: On Deities

Post by Akai » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:07 am


The current rule is that Hala/Ysgard characters must worship a god in order to be granted divine spells.

The Hala team does visiting characters the courtesy of assuming that they are properly in favor of whatever Power is granting them spells on their homeworld. If you are from another world, and are out of favor or for some reason restricted in your divine spellcasting there, coming to Hala/Ysgard and casting such spells here is an exploit. Do not do this.

Arkaz is planning on implementing a script to restrict the casting of divine spells granted by Arkaz gods to the proper classes & alignments (http://www.arkaz.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&p=68775#p68775). This script will also be implemented here, but does not affect the rules above.

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