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 Post subject: PC Description Changer
PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:12 pm 
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There will soon be a tool available to Hala natives for changing your character's description. It will be located in an area of its own that is reachable through the Welcome area on the Hala server. Every character will be able to enter this area only twice so please read the following rules, hints and notes before using the portal.

Description Changer Rules:

1. The description changer is a privilege, not a right. If it is abused, it will be removed.

2. You may only enter this area twice during the life of each character. Make sure you are happy with your character's new description before you leave this room.

3. The description field is IC. Use it to describe physical characteristics. Do not use it to describe your character's history (use a journal on the forum) or tell other characters how they should feel about your character (portray that in your RP, and let them decide how to feel about you)

Good: "A heavy set man with dark hair and a scar across his cheek"
Bad: "He has an aura of evil and and intense stare that gives you the creeps."
Bad :"He was born in Nagritch and....."

4. Do not give your character traits that they could not possibly have or stray far from the average for their race without clearing it with the team first.
Good: "...is an elf that is a little taller than average for his race"
Bad: "...is an elf that towers over most humans"

5. You may enter your character's physical measurements but be warned, if you want to claim to be "extraordinarily endowed" then you can expect to be blessed with a loadstone to represent the awkwardness that comes with being disproportionately large.

6. If the team determines that you have broken any of the above rules, or that your character description is otherwise cheesy, it will be erased. You may return here and replace the erased description if you have not already used this room twice. If you replace the description, and it is still found to be in violation of the rules, it will be erased again and you will not be allowed further access to the description changer.

1. Write your new description in a text editor, the copy and paste it (ctrl+c and ctrl+v) into the dialog box.

2. Use a spell checker.

3. Keep in mind you are limited to about 330 characters.

4. Do not log out in this area. You should not enter this area unless you have plenty of time to spare. You may spend as much time as you need in this room, but once you leave, you may not be able to return. So, take your time and get it right.

5. If someone is using the description changer, do not use the chat channel. It will interfere with what they are doing, Use tells instead.

6. While it may be possible to enter a description in a custom language, please do not do so unless you are including a translation.

The description changer is for Hala natives only. This is not meant to offend non-natives, but intended to prevent conflicts between CoPaP teams who may want to use a different system for changing character descriptions or not allow it at all. If you have questions, or would like to make a request for your character to be made a native, please PM the "Hala Team" forum account.

Sarakin Fyne


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