On OOC Information vs IC Information

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On OOC Information vs IC Information

Post by Arkon » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:04 pm

Just because a person OOCly knows about information from D&D Source Books in NO WAY means that their character knows this information.

Nor does it mean that just because they are "researching it" they can reasonably expect their character to gain this knowledge.

Source books may or may not apply to this setting. Source book information may or may not be used in this setting. Therefore Source Book information may not always be true in this setting.

Bare in mind that Hala/Ysgard is a CUSTOM world with CUSTOM rules. Some rules and info from Source Books may apply, some may not.

If your character is "researching" something in the world of Hala/Ysgard that player MUST make a request to the DM staff to find out what that character learned in their research. The player cannot assume that their character has learned something as what they are assuming may be incorrect.

This rule is not here to restrict creativity or any of the such. It is to ensure that the spirit and idea of Hala/Ysgard is met. If you think your character should know certain information, it behooves you to ask the DM staff of Hala if that information is correct.

I know I do, and I am sure many other members of my team find it very frustrating when a person pulls out information from some 2nd edition source book for some random campaign setting during one of our plots. This not only breaks the DM's concentration and flow, it breaks the immersion for both the DMs and Players.

As a courtesy to the DM staff, if you think there is something that your character should know a lot of information about, send the DM in charge of whatever that plot is a write-up of that information so they can verify it and don't get stuck having information they were not expecting/counting on/using/or even knew about because it is not viable in this setting, thrown at them at a critical point in their plot.

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