On Plagiarism (the use of original works as your own)

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On Plagiarism (the use of original works as your own)

Post by Arkon » Mon Jan 26, 2009 3:11 am

The use of a person/group's original works (writings/songs/poems/stories, etc) verbatim is Illegal. It is called Plagiarism. Henceforth, plagiarizing someone's original work on Hala or Ysgard without giving due credit is a bannable offense. There will be no warnings given as of the date of this posting.

When at all possible, use your own creative works as it pertains to writings/songs/poems/stories, etc. These will be richly rewarded by the team as it shows that you are willing to put time, effort, and thought into your character, and not just a quick jog, cut and paste of lyrics.com or storytime.org.

If you do feel the need or desire to use a particularly interesting piece of someone's original work there is now a 3 step process that MUST be 100% followed. Failure to follow this process will result in a ban.

#1. You must alter the piece so that it pertains to the CoPaP Setting.

#2. You MUST ABSOLUTELY, give credit where credit is due. (IE: ((OOC NOTE: This was an adaptation of original works by *author/group/singer/whatever*))

#3. Before this piece of work can be used IG it MUST be approved by a DM.

Failure to follow this rule as of the date of this posting will result in a ban. No questions asked, no 2nd chances, no warnings.

The team has thought long and hard about this. Things such as this are very immersion breaking when things are not adjusted to the setting and done eligantly and correctly.

Not to mention... I really do not want to get sued by some Artist who comes across a character on my world using their works as their own without giving them credit. (yeah, i know, not likely but hey... I don't have that much to begin with.. and I like what's mine. Not really interested in taking chances)

NOTICE: This is not directed at any one specific person or group of people. It is something that has been discussed in the past, and somehow got lost in the sauce and no rule was ever made. Discussions of this nature can be found also on the Avlis site, though I believe they chose to take a different stance towards it.

If you feel that you fit the bill in this posting, then take this as a notice to alter that behavior. If you do not fit the bill in this, then keep it in mind for the future.

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Post by Shannen » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:11 am

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Post by silverdragonams » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:06 pm

To make this a bit more clear, this is mostly a copyright issue.

Modern material that is still under copyright shouldn't be used in its full form. If you are using modern song or story for an IC performance, please alter it so that it, at the very least, fits the world theme. Ask a DM for permission if possible. If its a bard-type event, such as the music festival, the DM overseeing it should let players know if non-original modern lyrics will be allowed. In any event, be sure to give proper credit where credit is due, generally in the form of an ooc statement.

Written work that is no longer under copyright protection (folk songs, ancient tales etc) is fair use. However, it must still be relevant to the setting (telling the story of Icarus, for example, might be appropriate on Arborea, but isn't something a Ysgard native should know.) and please try not to claim it as original work. If possible, give credit.
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