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The Hala Team has decided to open up new RP opportunities by allowing characters who have mastered a prestige class to train other characters in that PRC.

Applying to be a Master

To become approved to be a trainer in your class you must meet the following conditions:
1. You must be in good standing with the team (most everyone these days is).
2. You must have at least 10 levels in the class (5 for Divine Champion) and you must be epic overall (21 levels total, this can include ECL levels).
3. It must be IC for you to train other PCs and your RP must be what we feel is appropriate for that class.
4. You must send the team a lesson plan including what topics you intend to cover and how. We will work with you on the lesson plan to ensure it is consistent with Ysgard and DnD lore.

Unlocking PrC's

To have a PrC unlocked for someone, you must do the following:
1. Before you begin, let us know who it is you intend to take on as an apprentice. You will then be assigned a DM who will support your training where needed.
2. You must hold at least 10 1-2 hour training sessions. These will need to be documented by either the master or the apprentice, and can be done via board posts, character journals, or PM's to the team.
3. Some classes have special conditions. Please see below.
4. If the team agrees that the training was completed in a satisfactory manner, a dm will unlock the class for the apprentice. We reserve the right to refuse any class at any time, however this shouldn't be necessary often, if at all.

Class Specifics

This class will require support from a DM to assist in setting up NPC's to kill.

Dragon Disciples
All DD's except Platinum Dragon Disciple and Shadow Dragon Disciple are born, not trained, so do not qualify for either master or apprentice. DD classes must be approved prior to character creation and will be unlocked via DM events.

Platinum DD and Shadow DD are Holy Warriors, and therefore an exception to this. If you are interested in either class, it is best to let the team know early on in your character's career, though ultimately, being accepted for the class will depend on your RP. For more specifics on these two classes see "Holy Classes" below.

Weapon Master
We recommend that a master only train his apprentices in similar weapons to his own.

Holy Classes
The following Classes require a patron deity on Hala:
Divine Champion
Blackguard (in most cases)
Palemaster (Shagarath only)
Platinum Dragon Disciple (Bahamut only)
Shadow Dragon Disciple (Tiamat only)
Masters in this class can assist in training apprentices (acolytes) of the same faith as their own. In most cases the DM who runs the god will oversee the training and will likely run an event to reflect the apprentices acceptance into the higher order of the church. Note that some of these classes (especially Platinum DD and Shadow DD) will require more time and work than others.

Base Classes
Eligibility to train other PC's is not necessarily limited to prestige classes. If you would like to offer training in a base class (teach magic at Nagritch University or open a dojo for example). Apply as you would above, but instead of 10 levels in a PrC you need at least 25 levels in a base class.

Ineligible Classes
Classes specific to other worlds, such as Avlis Holy Warrior PrCs are not eligible to train others on Hala.

Please note: It is not absolutely necessary to find a PC to train you in a PrC. You can still submit your request to the team and have it DM run as we've always done.

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