Notice on PrCs

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Notice on PrCs

Post by Arkon » Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:04 pm

This is just a reminder to old players, and an announcement to new ones. PrCs on Hala/Ysgard and CoPaP in general are meant to be locked until specifically unlocked by a DM. If you notice that PrCs (with the exception of Psionics) are unlocked then you should notify the Team staff as quickly as possible.

More likely than not if a PrC is showing unlocked (a PrC is considered any class that is not one of the base classes with the exception of Psionics) and a DM did not unlock it for you, then there is a bug in the system. Please report these.

As of this ruling, anyone taking a PrC without the explicit permission of the Hala Team while on Hala/Ysgard will be in violation of the rules of Hala and will be dealt with as such.

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