On Having Multiple PCs owned by the Same Player in a Plot

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On Having Multiple PCs owned by the Same Player in a Plot

Post by Hala Team » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:13 am

The team has decided after lengthy discussion that there needs to be a rule to cover multiple PCs in a plot.

From this day forward, Only one PC per Player is permitted to participate in any one plot.

What this means is, if you have multiple active PCs in the world and PC 'A' is involved in a plot, then only PC 'A' should ever been involved with that plot. Players should not allow themselves, or other players to attempt to pull in their other characters into the plot. This is easily enough done with a simple Tell or PM reminding the other player that you are using PC 'A' in the plot.

There are several reasons for this. One is that it makes it much easier for DMs to make adjustments and such to plots when the PCs used by the players are consistent... we tend to mold our plots around those characters involved to increase difficulty, challenge, or fun. This molding gets severely disrupted when other PCs owned by the player get involved. Reason two is that it gets very confusing when one player has multiple PCs active in a plot. When that player PMs the team asking for information or whatever, we have to try and figure out which character it is, what he/she has seen or done, and what skills that particular character has. The third reason, it gets increasingly difficult for players to keep their characters separated as far as what they do or do not know.
The fourth, and probably the most important, reason is that it comes very very close to violating the ruling that characters of the same player cannot know each other.

The only exceptions that will be allowed to this ruling from here on out are as such:
A) The DM gives you permission to allow one of your other characters to be involved for informational purposes or whatever.
B) With the DM's permission, you permanently exclude the previously active character in lieu of the character you want to have involved.

Basically what this boils down to is... from this day forward you cannot have more than one character active (either in a main role, or advisory role) in any single plot.

It falls to the player to be responsible for keeping track of which PCs are involved in which plots, and maintain that order.
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