Insignia's of Kord the Brawler

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Insignia's of Kord the Brawler

Post by LadyPhoenix77 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:17 pm

To anyone who participated in Coach Raptor's training sessions that have one of these insignias, I need you to PM me to trade them in for a fixed version. There is a slight bug/issue with these that can cause them to disappear, and I would like to exchange them for everyone, for one's that shouldn't disappear.

So please PM me with the exact name, as well as what all abilities it had, as some had less than others.

Example: Linassa's Insignia of Kord the Brawler
Bless 1/day, Bull's Strength 1/day, Endurance 1/day

Or something along these lines.

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