Player Submitted Plot Line

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Player Submitted Plot Line

Post by Arkon » Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:32 am

Have a Cool idea for a personalized plot you would like to see ran for yourself, someone else, or for a guild? Think of something that could happen to you that would allow for an excellent RP springboard? Got a character concept that needs DM help to work?

Send it to

Hala Team on the Hala Boards. Once they have been sent here via a PM, they will be posted in a special Personalized Plots DM Forum that I am setting up where All of our Hala DMs will be able to look at it and select which ones they want to do.

If you want a specific DM to run it, please state this in your PM and we will see to it that only that DM runs it if they are able and want to.

This is for reasonable plot requests. Requesting a plot to become a god, or get some uber item... probably not going to happen.

Requesting a plot to get an RP item/event/etc, or requesting crafting type quests, requesting expeditions for guilds, requesting guild vs guild events, requesting guild vs NPC events. These are more than welcome.


Hala is for you guys. Most of you know or should know... I base a lot of what happens on and to Hala off of the actions of the players. Events that happen in the world, happen because the players have driven things this way. I want to see more person flavor in the world brought about by the players. Got a character that wants to run for the Nagritch Councel? Start campaigning, Got a character that wants to help a dying child by getting a special healing herb? Send us the idea.

There also seems to be some confusion surrounding guilds in Hala. When I said that guilds were going to be ran by players, that is what I meant. Guilds are ran by players. Yes there will still be primarily NPC guilds and factions out there, and players are still more than welcome to join them. But established guilds with a decent playerbase in them are going to be self sufficient. Does this mean no DM interaction? Not at all. You want a DM event for your guild? Send us an idea. I wanted PCs to take control of guilds due to what I saw and heard from players about their unhappiness at the way some guilds were always changing due to DM changes. So the direction of the guild is left up to the players that run those guilds.

I hope this helps to clear up a lot of confusion around some of these things. Realize folks. Hala was built and is maintained for you, our players. Not for us. If YOU want it. Ask for it. Reasonable requests are not likely to be turned down.
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Post by e'Kieron » Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:57 am

Bravo. :D
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