Forum Database Move Scheduled Midnight Pacific

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Forum Database Move Scheduled Midnight Pacific

Post by Themicles » Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:03 am

For some reason that I cannot figure out, I can not create a new database on my web hosting account on the current server that all my other databases are located. When I try to create a new one, it's created on another server on the network. I have the option to 'merge' all my database hostnames and databases to another the database server. This apparently will give me the functionality back that I want.

The 'merge' is scheduled for midnight Pacific time. The notice said that it should be seamless, but there may be some delays. Basically what this means for you is that if a post is made during the transfer of the database, it could end up lost due to the transfer not picking up that latest change made after the export was done.
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