Psionics - Contact

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Psionics - Contact

Post by Druid523 »

I just wanted to clarify this both for myself and the other players.
Server Ruling on Psionics wrote:Contact -
Power Description: Contact is just what the name implies, contact between the minds of the psionicist and another creature. It does not allow communication, it merely represents the opening of the target's mind. For the duration of the power, all of the target's will saves are reduced by one for every two levels of the psionicist [ed: this has actually been changed to a flat 5 point reduction). Only psionicists receive a saving throw.

RP Effects: Depends on whether you're a Psion or not. A Psion would obviously require 3 tangents prior to a Contact, so they would definitely know what was going down. Would they be happy about it? Probably not. Again, depends on circumstance. (This can be assumed for basically every power when used on another Psion). Non-Psions wouldn't notice anything. They might feel the hairs on the back of their neck (if they have any) perk up, or feel as if they are being watched, but they would have NO idea who or what was causing the sensation. They could be well versed in what Psions can do and are capable of. They still wouldn't know. They could have a suspicion, like "Maybe a Psion is messing with my head," but they wouldn't really have any sort of concrete knowledge of why they were feeling the uneasiness.
Now, would the non-psion mentioned above notice what was happening if they made a Spellcraft check and saw that "Mental McPsion manifested Contact"? Could they then assume the tingling was a result of that? Or would they still be unable to link the two (the tingling sensation with this psion manifesting Contact)?

Thanks, beforehand, for the reply!

((P.S., If any other players or any DMs can think of other "special cases" involving Contact, please jump in with them! I'd like to have as many bases covered as possible.)) :)

((P.P.S., Are these rules still valid? Obviously the rules can change with time.))
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Re: Psionics - Contact

Post by blue wolfy »

P.S., If any other players or any DMs can think of other "special cases" involving Contact, please jump in with them! I'd like to have as many bases covered as possible.)) :)
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Post by Dengar »

My question, would be more for the DMs, but, since this point is brought up here, and I think it is relevent... A ghostwhisper halfling... how should his, um... ability be played... I know I have said it before, but, it would help if someone could tell me if I am wrong or right on this.

(ex) *Dimwick can see someone, standing in line of sight. He then sends them a thought, or, what I have played is a Tell, ICly*

((OOC)) You hear a voice, do you listen?

If they listen, I say what I would, I don't allow them to answer me, as per the rules of telepathy, and sending thoughts back and forth. But, as in a case where it is a Psion, (for instance Scel) Has the ability to do the same... He would have to role for contact... but I don't have to?

I am going to post this in the DM's forum to... but i think it can help this conversation... or ruin it... not sure!
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Post by Tremayne7 »

Being a non-psion and a bard, the game has automatically made "spellcraft" rolls for me. Now, sometimes it indentifies the power being used, sometimes it does not. I usually ingore the results either way, unless there is some physically manifested result (ie as Charlie for instances describes muscles get slightly larger or image appears three to the right, etc.)

I play as if I don't know anything unusual is being done, unless the player announces it before hand (ie Lexy is doing an object reading).

Just thought I'd throw in my two coppers worth.
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Post by Knightlight »

I play on several servers.. and unfortunately every DM .. not every server I mean every DM has a different view. There are alot of DM's out there that hate psionics all together but thats a different thread.

as far as the way I believe I see it as with spells there is a check to see if you notice what the spell is. need to put points/ranks in spellcraft but you can see what a caster is casting. The same is for Psionics. if you see it in the combat screen then your character noticed it. if you don't and sometimes I don't know what a psion did cause it doesn't tell me. i failed the roll.. then you don't notice.

I beleive it can be scripted to not show anything. if the intention was for psions to never be found out then it would been easier to not code the actions and the manifestations and pretty lights. if thats also the case then thinking/speaking is a free action and I think we should be able to use our powers while in combat too as a free action. since the hand motions and fighting stances aren't required. I know thats not going to happen.. but would be interesting..

Also since each power would require concentration we would only be able to use one power at a time and use psp's per round.. a huge change which many have said wouldn't be feasible to impliment. I currently like things how they are.. even with people able to notice what i did.. course I don't go around tapping into people's heads.. not unless they are attacking me or my friends and need a readjustment :)

also anything that lowers saves 5 points should be noticed... it is a mind attack at that point..

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