Avariel Wing Bug

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Avariel Wing Bug

Post by Brayon »

Type of Bug: Bic Model > 2DA not the same as Avlis and Arkaz
Area of Bug: Full Server, Both
Timestamp on when it happened: Discovered 8/15/14 at 1:20 am EST
Frequency of occurance: All the time

See IRC log -
[01:28]<Brayon> Ok. this doesn't make sense
[01:28]<Brayon> Final took Ni off-world after Micah and Ref got him sorted
[01:28]<Brayon> On Avlis, he has wings
[01:29]<Brayon> Goes to Hala, and the wings disappear
[01:29]<Gorgon> Oh, that
[01:29]<Gorgon> Snip!
[01:29]<Zombie> cloak?
[01:29]<Brayon> Cloak is off
[01:29]<Brayon> Come back to Avlis, and his wings return
[01:29]<Gorgon> Get nekkid there
[01:29]<Zombie> wings on arkaz? Isen is hala made and has wings on all 3
[01:30]<Brayon> No wings on Arkaz either
[01:30]<Zombie> if it comes down to it i can jump in later and add wings on Hala and see how that goes
[01:30]<Brayon> Ni does have Black wings
[01:30]<Brayon> So that might be it?
[01:30]<Zombie> dragon type wings?
[01:31]<Brayon> Avariel
[01:31]<Zombie> havent seen them i dont think, so yeah that could be it
[01:31]* Brayon nods
[01:35]<Gorgon> Hala doesn't seem to have a modified wingmodels.2da at all, and arkaz is different than avlis', and doesn't have "Angel: Fallen"
[01:35]<Gorgon> So that's why
[01:36]<Gorgon> Wing number 7 is empty for both then
[01:37]<Gorgon> Arkaz has the model... Just not used in the 2da
[01:38]<Gorgon> c_wingsfallen is the model for them
[01:38]<Gorgon> Hala doesn't
[01:41]<Gorgon> Heh, there's also Angel: Armored on Avlis with gold metal covering the tops of white wings
[01:42]<Gorgon> Arkaz has the same again. Model but no entry
[01:42]<Gorgon> Easy fix with an update to their 2da hak if they want them
[01:43]* Gorgon thinks it is a conspiracy against cluckies going offworld!
[01:45]<Zombie> ooooooo
[01:47]<Gorgon> Arkaz has a bunch of wing vfx that Avlis doesn't
[01:48]<Gorgon> Oh, and 2 wings at the end we don't as well
[01:51]<Gorgon> 1 is from the copap hak, and the other is in the avlis main, but not in the avlis 2da
[01:51]<Gorgon> the models I mean
[01:52]<Gorgon> So those would have the same problems comming here from Arkaz
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