A favor?

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A favor?

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So we've gotten ourselves in a bit of a bind. My wife's parents bought us season passes for the renaissance faire because they knew we had a bunch of money tied up in getting the car fixed. However, the amount of money needed for the car spiked quite high when it was time to pick up the engine, leaving us spread thin to make sure we can keep the bills paid and pay off the engine work without wiping out money for the entirety of the next month and a half (short term loan fees would add a significant amount to the total costs and also would auto-pay, wiping out every paycheck for three weeks straight).

The favor I'm asking is much simpler than all of the above. Since we have these already paid for passes, we don't want to waste them. Yet we only have one vehicle available to us, my mother's Ford Explorer, which guzzles gas. I know some of you like to help out with the hosting costs from time to time. All I'm asking is if you could consider doing your donations sooner rather than later.

I never really wanted to beg for help, I always wanted to make sure there was something in return. In the past, its been making sure we get the right hardware to replace a failed component. Lately its been accounting for the precise costs of the hosting. This time, the best I can offer is to attempt to get this forum updated to phpBB3 sooner, rather than later. With full functionality that we currently have with the front page. I already redeveloped the necessary code, I merely need to implement it in a front page container.

Either way, I'll be updating all of my hosted sites to phpBB3 for security reasons. But I'll admit that I've been lacking in motivation to get that done lately.
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