Christmas fun!

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Christmas fun!

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and across the whole plane, Ysgardians grumbled that fights were the same.
Spider King heart and Beholder eye stalk, combat was dull was the jist of the talk.
The people demanded that something was done, they wanted new fights both exciting and fun.
The Aesir wern't sure of this heretic season, but vowed to provide them regardless of reason.
So Odin required that all Aesir thought about how to provide some exciting new sport.
It was just at this time Loki had an idea, one guaranteed to spread holiday cheer.
That one in a hundred monsters would find that they received buffs of a new festive kind.
So the Aesir created the “Jolly Old” beasts, and filled up their stockings with magical treats.
The Aesir were proud of their latest creation and all thought it deserved a most loud proclamation.
And so mighty Odin proclaimed with delight…
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight!

Starting on the 23rd (I think) some code Nastr0nd implimented will go live for a few days or so. Hunt monsters to find out what it is! At the least though, you got to read my poem :P

Edit: corrected a SHAMEFUL spelling mistake. Bad Zombie, bad
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