Sharing computers/CD-keys/IP's

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Sharing computers/CD-keys/IP's

Post by Psye Shaar » Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:36 am

I'm putting this here because while it's not a steadfast rule, it's something that is periodically brought into question.

All of the servers/worlds within the copap group have rules and regulations. These are in place for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are immersion/realism, enjoyment of the players and prevention of cheating/exploits. These rules may vary slightly from world to world, but they must be adhered to, none-the-less. Ignorance is not an excuse.

If someone breaks these rules deliberately (99% of the time, it's obvious what is deliberate and what isn't) then they will earn themselves either a vault jail or a ban, depending on the severity and blatancy of the infraction. Each time this happens, then the person's vault is either moved into VJ or wiped completely.

This is where sharing becomes an issue.

In order to ensure that all gamespy accounts of the guilty party are either jailed or wiped, then initially, the CD-key is used as reference. Therefore, any and all accounts linked to that CD-key (including other CD-keys) will suffer the same fate as the first, until such time as can be proven/established that any connection was temporary and not likely to reoccur. This is rarely an easy task due to the anonymity possessed in any online environment.

While we endeavour to remain as fair as possible, there will be occasions that mean 'innocent' parties will suffer the consequences of others actions and it is exactly this reason that we advise against ever sharing CD-keys, unless you can be 100% certain that the person you are sharing with, will not force you into such a predicament.

If you're going to a friend's house to play, take your laptop with your own copy of the game. As soon as you log your own gamespy onto a friend's computer, then you are linked to them and everything they do and vise versa.

We do look into individual cases when these instances arise, but with RL and other restrictions, the answers will unlikely be immediate as discussions take place teamside that can only progress as quickly as availability of those involved dictates.

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